Wednesday, March 23, 2011


salam to all

it really happened yesterday evening. we (ak, nora, helen n arnie)r about to go home. dh siap punch n on our way 2 d door. dh nampak kilat tp xla sabung menyabung. later on.. hujan. makin lame cm makin lebat. nora, helen n arni dh klua. but then, they all turn back 2 office. sgt lebat n cannot make it 2 the car. arnie lg la nk jg. bakal pengantin, kate... daroh manih!!!!!!(says k.nor)

we just lepaking when all in a sudden k. ainur came in n cm ala2 jerit ; hujan batu... jom tgk. kt luar. kami pn ape lg. blari nk nengok. n yes!!!! its true.

hujan yg lebat bermaksud banyak n bunyi agak kuat. n we notice ade small pieces kt lantai. ingatkn batu n we collect. wat so surprised is.....

ketulan ais kecil cm sepihan dari ketul ais yg dipecahkn disinki oleh mak2 ble tetamu dtg kt rumah. (cewah..... ye lh. skrg org dh pkai cube ice.)

because of they are only small tiny little pieces, skjap je dh cair lh. it happen about 5 minutes cm tu. pas tu dh abis dh.

this morning, when we arrived( office), people keep talking about what happen yesterday. si fazreen(ustaz br, dh kawen n ade baby tue sket dr qaseh)kate, kt rmh die pn die dpt tgk jgk. which means.... all pasir gudang area had affected. baby sitter qaseh pn ckap. according 2 k.nor, she was inside her car n about 2 move home. meaning die kt parking lg la. she can see the ice falling on sumbody elses car n can hear d sound of like things falling on her head( bumbung kete la....0. x jd k.nor nk blk. blk lari masok office adelh. hahahahaaa.....

wat say u about this out of sudden phenomena?

ak mengambil inisiatif utk google pasal ni n mendapati, ini adelah tidak pelik. agak pelik sbb jd kt malaysia. or mayb ak je yg pelik. but 2 b honest, this is d 1st time ever i see this. mayb it due 2 d weather n natue disaster that happen 2 d easten area means japan.

how do you feel?

ak rs bertuah jgk dpt tgk perkare ini cz i never. tp a bit worry jgk cz it never happened b4.

"renung2 kn, n selamat beramal" huhuhuhu.....

note: kt mekah salu jd n ketulan batunye lebih besar. means, if it knock on your head, it may cz injury. bless 2 b malaysian muslim.


berdoa saye sentiasa semoga hati yg mencinte blh meninggalkn title ini. moge ade yg mendengar n moge ALLAH memakbulkan. amin.....

WHAT IS IN A CIGARETTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, March 10, 2011


syafiq remind me of the sinetron adamaya wit his performance of'yang terindah'

here is the lyric

Semenjak kau hadir dalam hidupku
Tiada lagi keresahan
Kau mengetuk pintu hatiku
Tanpa sedar hingga ku izinkan

Kau yang bernama cinta
Kau yang memberi rasa
Kau yang ilhamkan bahagia
Hingga aku terasa indah

Maaf jika ku tidak sempurna
Tika bahagia mula menjelma
Bila keyakinan datang merasa
Kasih disalut dengan kejujuran

Mencintai dirimu
Merindui dirimu
Memiliki dirimu
Hingga akhir hayat bersama kamu

Kau yang bernama cinta
Kau yang memberi rasa
Kau yang ilhamkan bahagia
Hingga aku terasa indah

Kau yang bernama cinta
Hingga aku rasa indah

dedicated SPECIALLY to my CINTA

*bfore that, syafiq sang diam2 jatuh cinta by ramlah ram. mat bunge rupenye die ni.... ;p

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


this is d thing that we (my students n i)are working out dis n nex coming 2 weeks. its kinda very usual thing during study time ite? most of us must had taken part in it. it is just that not averything r too sweet 2 b remembered. kn??

sum how, wat we had yesterday was sum sort of having our sweet time together. every1 seem 2 b very enthusiastic. the 2 hours that hav been allocated had completely work out. i'll say that it is outstanding.(kalau dak2 dkm 1c bace ni mest cm kembang gler).

about 8 students had work on their presentation on public speaking after 2 weeks of harwork study for the topic. it is admitted that i am fussy. though, it is for sumthin gud in return, of cause.

started wit paat. presenting on d topic of 'how to juggle step by step'. his is not bad. very energetic for d opening. stand up wit new shopped attire, 3 tennis ball in hand. 2 get 2 know paat - funny n really luv 2 talk back in class. never thought that he could hav made it gud. unpredictable. really! ( at d end of his presentation, sum1 revealed- "dats my shirt, i lend him." daAAAA ;P

THEY go on various topic. suba wit her poster of tamil famous muvi, matno wit his recipe, datok on cigarettes, kechik on money3, pooli wit the herry potter, indi band by najmi, wan to tell about his vespa n shafiq to how to play guitar.

it never come accross ma mind 2 hav this stunning morning. we gathered in front of ma office a.k.a laman bestari.'kinda luvly spot in jpa' hahaha....( 2 whom it may concern). it was frustrated at the beginning bcoz i couldn't get the hailer. but thing goes smoothly when all voice can be heard clearly due to x much distance. n wat so surprising is... they get excited n more fans come out.( it is bcoz, they goin 2 lab 4 other classes.just a dropby 2 actually bzbody.;p)

our 2nd last presentation was from shafiq 'd so called comel guy.'( oh yeah??!!T_T)
wearing colorful checked shirt, he kinda making graNd entrance by holding his guitar. sum of the frenz st up d place which is no more at the garden but now we r under d stairways. begin, he showed us the parts of guitar. a very average english but still a gud try. he must hav put much effort on dat. which is great.

and here comes wat so surprise......

he giv us a very luvly presentation playing few songs. n wat is more surprising n unpredictable, they got special appearance singer. farouk his besties. soooooo cool.
and d whole class gave full support to them. it was very entertaining n releasing.
this is wat we call great companions. together you go guys. luv u so much!

actual fact is dat, i've had dis similar presentation sum previous sem. sumhow, d support r diffrent. ya, s said that people r differ from each other. i would say dat previous student did it better himself. but, s far s luv is concerned, this together workout made the best. n he remind me of 1 thing.

my besties.....
kpmim decomers..... our public speaking presentation.(d 1 onstairways.mia with 'wats up wit luv' poster)

myslians........... our roleplay presentation (aku si peminta sedekah)

time passes by, the memmories remain still. rite?!
luv u all

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